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Yes, our boards are ridden by the best snowboarders in the world. And yes, the achievements they can celebrate with it are AMAZING! But for us it is important that the board is not only good to ride, but also that you like it. Because - let's be honest - the eye goes along with it! That's why we offer the full custom service on shape and design. With us you can design your snowboard on the top and on the base side as you like. Thanks to our self-developed print transfer process, we achieve a print quality that is second to none! And we also make die-cut rubbers with our CNC machine.


- your shape (snowboard model)

- your graphicsfor topping and top

- the color of the ABS sidewalls

- Surface texture

- Flex properties

... and much more... by arrangement

Of course, we only use the best raw materials, which we obtain from selected suppliers in Switzerland and - if there is no other way - EU countries.


Whether it's shop logo boards, boards for competitions, advertising or prototypes for brands - Factory 9 is the right address!

Anyone can have a board produced here from as little as 1 piece. In our career as shapers, we have already worked with many well-known brands, shops and companies and know what is important. With our experience, we can guarantee the smoothest possible process from ordering to implementation to production and delivery!

Not that it's possible with two clicks (anything else would be a lie!), but we can definitely offer the necessary support.


Play Snowboards is our own brand. We produce numerous shapes in different lengths under this name. Play Snowboards includes a range for ladies, gentlemen and kids. We mix the know-how that we learn from working with the pros with the feedback from our customers in order to offer a perfectly fitting offer for all requirements!

Here you can find Play Snowboards

Pumpkin Skateboards is our brand for slalom and flex boards. These skates bring the surf feeling to the streets and at the same time get you from A to B. Over the years we have specialized in flexboards, slalom boards, longboards and surf cruisers. Pumpkin has been one of the most important Swiss brands in this field for over 15 years! Available in all good skate and core shops.

Click here for the Pumpkin website

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