The hands that are creating your snowboard belong to Philipp Gossweiler and Chris Spoerri. Their theoretical and practical know-how from more than two decades is completely convincing. The boards that they make can regularly be seen on the podiums of all major events! From the X-Games and Dew-Tour, to the World Championships and many World Cups, up to the Olympic Games, where Iouri Podladtchikov went for Gold in Sochi 2014.


At the end of the 1980's, Chris built his first custom made snowboard. It was total crap! But over the years, he learnt step by step how to make better boards. In 1998, he opened the shop 'Cloud 9' and turned his hobby into his profession. When Philipp joined him in 2004, everything became even more professional. Since then, they have worked out many new shapes and technologies which made many many snowboarders very happy. Today, the Factory 9 is one of the most important custom board factories in the world! Pro riders, companies, and customers from all over this planet trust in their know-how and workmanship and their snowboards regularly hit the top of the podiums of all important snowboard events around the globe!


Factory 9 makes boards for all needs. Everybody can have made his or her own pro model. It is the most important that the snowboard suits to its rider and also looks the way she or he wants it. Only the best materials are used in these boards and there are no limits for snowboard models, shapes, and graphics. No matter whether you're a pro or a fair-wheather-rider, at Factory 9 you are in good hands.

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