Yes, our snowboards are ridden by the best riders in the world. And yes, the success they have with them is INSANE! But for us not only the functionality of the board is important but also the looks should be appealing to its rider. Let's be honest - you ride with your eyes first! That's why we offer a full custom made service for graphic design and shape of your snowboard. You are fully free to design your topsheet and base graphics. We developed a print transfer process that allows us to apply prints in highest quality on topsheet and base materials! Plus, we also offer CNC die-cuts on the base.


- the shape (snowboard model)

- personalized graphics for topsheet and base

- the color of the ABS sidewalls

- surface structure (matte of gloss)

-the flex of your snowboard

... and much more... contact us!

Of course, we only use the best raw materials, which we get from chosen suppliers from Switzerland and EU countries.


If you are looking for shop logo boards, branded snowboards, promotion or prototypes for brands - Factory 9 is the door to knock on!

Starting from 1 single board, you can have it made through us. In our career as shapers we have worked with a lot of well known brands, shops and companies and we know how to make it right. We can guarantee a smooth procedure all the way from the planning to the realisation to the production to the delivery!

It's not made with two clicks (only a liar would say that!), but we will give you all the support you ask for.


Play Snowboards is our home brand. Our range contains freeride and freestyle boards for ladies, gentlemen and kids. We offer many different snowboard models in several lengths. In these boards we blend the know-how we have from working with the pros with the feedback from our customers which results in a perfect range for all needs and terrain!

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Pumpkin Skateboards is our home brand for slalom skateboards, flexboards and cruisers. These skateboards bring the feeling of surfing and snowboarding to the streets. We are specialized in making flexboards, longboards and surf cruisers. Pumpkin was established in 1998 and is one of the leading Swiss brands in this sector! You can get them at all the good skate shops and retailers.

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